Vidgo free trial subscription guide 2022

Vidgo TV is one of the top 10 live TV streaming services in the USA. You might be thinking of Vidgo free trial before signing up for a paid subscription. We will guide you to avail the free Vidgo subscription for a week in this post. First thing first, What is Vidgo TV and why you should go for it when there are so many live TV streaming services available in the market.

What is Vidgo?

Vidgo is a multi-niche streaming service provider offering live TV channels in sports, entertainment, news, learning and family segment. In other words, Vidgo is a complete package and fulfills all your live TV requirements. Vidgo TV subscribers do not need to subscribe to another streaming service due to the unavailability of streaming content.

Why you should go for Vidgo?

Vidgo TV Free Trial
Sign up for Vidgo TV 7 days free trial
$0 $55
Vaalid for limited time only
  1. Most competitive pricing in this segment. Vidgo plans start with $55 a month while Fubo TV plans, Youtube TV, DirecTV subscription start with $64.99 a month.
  2. Like other streaming services Philo TV free trial and STARZ free trial, it also offers a free trial of 7 days to test its features. Vidgo runs an offer of $10 per 2 months subscription from time to time which no competitors offer.
  3. Best channels combo pack as per customers requirements.
  4. No need to purchase add-ons for DVR storage, number of streams and additional channels.
  5. Subscribers can opt for any subscription plans with no contact. Cancel at any time.

There are so many reasons to test this fastest-growing streaming service. The best part is Vidgo free trial. You can sign up for the Vidgo free trial for all of its subscription plans.

Vidgo Free Trial

It is really very easy to sign up for Vidgo free trial. Vidgo was offering a free trial of 3 days to new customers a few months. Thereafter, a $10 per 2 months subscription was started and the free trial was paused.

Vidgo has resumed its free trial and extended it to 7 days. The subscribers can sign up for Vidgo TV trial for 7 days currently. Below is the step-by-step process to sign up for Vidgo free subscription for 7 days.

How to sign up for Vidgo free trial for 7 days

Time needed: 5 minutes.

  1. Visit Vidgo official website.

    To sign up for a trial, visit the official website of Vidgo TV. Click here to visit. On the home page, you will find the Start Free trial tab, click on it. By default, it will give access to a free trial of the English Plus package which costs $55 a month after the free trial. But, you can sign up for the English Premium package and Spanish Mas Package by switching to the Vidgo subscription plan. Vidgo free trial

  2. Enter personnel details.

    Once you click the Start free trial tab, you will be redirected to a new page. On this page, you will need to fill in your personnel details like the name on the credit card, Email address, mobile number and password. Vidgo TV

  3. Enter payment details.

    In this step, enter the credit card number, expiry date, expiry year, billing zip and security code of your credit card. Before clicking on the submit button, you must check the box of terms and conditions of the Vidgo free trial. Once you click the submit button, your Vidgo free trial will be activated. It will also ask you to verify your email address by clicking the link sent to your email address. Enter payment details

Does Vidgo have a free trial?

Yes, Vidgo is currently offering a 7 day trial to its new customer. Earlier, it was offering a 3 days trial. The trial subscription is not available all the time. When Vidgo free trial was not available, it was offering its subscription for $10 for 2 months which was also a good offer.

How much you will be charged after free trial?

At the end of the trial duration, Vidgo will charge automatically from the credit card you submitted while signing up for Vidgo free trial. However, the amount varies from plan to plan. If you have signed up for English Plus, you will be charged $55. The English premium plan subscribers are charged $79.95 a month and the Spanish Mas package subscribers pay $30 after the end of the trial.

How much is Vidgo after the first 2 months?

It depends on the subscription plan you have signed up for. After 2 months offer, it does not give any discount to its subscribers.

How do I cancel free trial on Vidgo?

You can cancel Vidgo free trial by visiting its official website. The subscribers will find the cancel free trial tab and need to click on it and your subscription will be canceled. You are advised to cancel it before 7 days so that you should not be charged after the end of the trial.

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