Guide to activate Hotstar in US at a discounted price.

Hotstar tops the list in India in terms of content and subscribers when it comes to streaming services. Indians and South Asians living in the USA find it a must-have app on their mobile or gadgets. The main reasons for its popularity are the Cricket matches broadcasting rights and various live channels and programs. Here in this post, I will cover every detail of Hotstar in US, its subscription package, Hotstar US activation process at a discounted price and much more.

Hotstar Subscription in USA

It offers only one subscription package in US, which includes all features and programs. This annual subscription package in US costs $49.99 a year. However, you can sign up at a 10% discount currently due to the ongoing Hotstar offer. It will cost you $44.99 a year after the discount. You don’t need to purchase an additional plan to watch IPL or Cricket matches on Hotstar.

Some of you might be searching for Hotstar monthly subscription. A large number of subscribers take Hotstar US subscriptions to watch only Cricket matches. Therefore, they are more likely to subscribe during IPL or Cricket season only. Hotstar monthly subscription would be more economical for them during Cricket season.

Hotstar monthly subscription USA

As we know, Hotstar has a more flexible plan in India. The subscriber has the option to sign up for VIP & Premium plan on a monthly as well as yearly basis. But when we talk about Hotstar subscriptions in the USA, the subscriber does not have so many options. Neither its VIP plan available nor Hotstar monthly plan. Therefore subscribers need to subscribe to its annual package to access the content.

When Hotstar was launched in USA, it offered monthly and annual plans for its subscribers. Later, it discontinued its monthly subscription. Though, it was costly and costs $9.99 a month. The annual subscription is almost 50% cheaper than Hotstar monthly subscription in USA.

Is Hotstar offer the subscription for Cricket only?

In India, you can watch Cricket matches by subscribing VIP package. But, it does not have a similar plan in USA for Cricket fans. There is only one premium subscription for Cricket, movies, TV shows, live TV Channels and specials. There is no add-on required to access Cricket & IPL matches. In other words, There is no Hotstar Cricket Package available. Let’s move to the next step to know How to activate Hotstar in the US.

Hotstar US activation process

Time needed: 5 minutes.

The process to activate the Hotstar package is very simple. Follow the given steps to activate the subscription package at a discounted price.

  1. Visit Hotstar website.

    Click here to visit Hotstar’s official website. You will find SUBSCRIBE tab on the right upper corner as shown on the below image. Click the tab and follow the next step.Visit Hotstar USA

  2. Check Hotstar subscription feature.

    In this step, you will see a pop-up with subscription price and features. There is only 1 subscription package so you don’t have any option to switch plans. Go through all features and click the START SUBSCRIPTION tab as highlighted on the below screenshot.Hotstar subscription package

  3. Create Hotstar account

    Once you complete the second step, you will be directed to the account creation page. Enter your full name, email address and password. Click on CREATE ACCOUNT tab. Alternatively, you can log in using your Facebook account. In case, you are an existing Hotstar subscriber and want to activate Hotstar, rather than creating an account, you should log in to your existing account. Click the Login tab as shown in the below image.Create Hotstar account

  4. Apply Hotstar USA promo code.

    As we told you earlier, you can activate Hotstar USA at a 10% discount due to ongoing promotion. To avail of this Hotstar offer, you need to apply coupon code T2021 for a discount of $5. Once you created an account in the previous step, you will be moved to the payment page as shown in the below image. Click on APPLY COUPON tab.Apply Hotstar promo code

  5. Use Coupon Code T2021

    In this step, you will see a pop-up to apply the coupon code. Enter T2021 in the given field and click on APPLY COUPON.Activate coupon code

  6. Select payment method.

    To pay for the subscription, choose the payment method. You can pay through credit card and debit card. Click one of the payment methods to pay. Moreover, you can see that the promo code is applied and the discount of $5 is visible on the screen. You will be charged $44.99 + applicable taxes with this promo code on final payment.Hotstar promo code

  7. Enter payment details and activate Hotstar

    In this step, enter payment details like card no, expiry date, CVV, and Zip Code of your area. Thereafter, click on the PAY SECURELY tab to make payment. Once the payment is completed, your Hotstar US subscription will be activated for a period of 1 year.Enter payment details

These are the steps to start your subscription. The duration will be of 1 year. Hotstar subscription will be auto renewed until you cancel it.

Refund and Cancellation

Most of us look for a free trial to test the features of any subscription service. Therefore popular streaming services like Fubo TV, Philo TV, Vidgo TV, Sling TV and STARZ offer a free trial of 7 – 30 days duration. Unfortunately, there is no Hotstar free trial. You need to pay for the subscription before accessing content. However, it offers free access to the first episode of a few specials. Similarly, you can watch IPL matches for the first 5 minutes free of cost. You can test its feature through these two options.

In absence of a free trial, you have the option to get a full refund of the subscription service in case you are not satisfied with the service. You can request a full reimbursement within the first 48 hours of the subscription. You can cancel your subscription through the Hotstar app. Alternatively, you can reach out to customer support at

Hotstar US subscription offer
Get $5 Discount in Hotstar US subscription
$44.99 $49.99
Offer valid in USA and Canada only.


  • No of Streams – It offers two screens streaming simultaneously in a single subscription. Generally, other streaming services offer it as an add-on. But you don’t need to pay for the extra screen. In other words, It costs $25 per screen to subscribers. If you want two access Hotstar on more than 2 devices at a time, you need to buy another package. There is no add-on for more than two screens streaming. This is one drawback of this streaming service.
  • Supporting Devices – Live Cricket matches are the most-watched programs on Hotstar and no one likes to miss the IPL matches. You can access its content from the comfort of your home, office, or while traveling from one place to other. It supports multiple devices. You can activate Hotstar on Apple TV, Android TV, Samsung Smart TV, Roku, Google Chromecast and Amazon FireTV Stick. It can be installed on Android and IOS mobiles too. You can also watch on the laptop by visiting Hotstar’s official website.
  • Live TV Channels – The subscriber can watch live TV channels in regional languages. It offers 24 live Indian channels. These channels cover sports, news and entertainment programs. In addition to live channels, you will find thousands of hours of video-on-demand content including Bollywood blockbusters, TV shows and Hotstar specials.
  • Support Regional languages – The streaming service has content in all major Indian languages. It offers content in Hindi, English, Bengali, Telugu, Malayalam, Tamil, Marathi and Kannada. You will find TV channels, movies, web series and TV shows in all these regional languages. You will not miss favorite shows in your language with Hotstar in US.
Regional languages channels
  • Streaming Resolution – The streaming quality available on Hotstar is of SD & HD quality. It still misses the content in 4K resolution.
  • Hotstar Premier Night ( HPN) – In Aug 2020, the streaming service started its HPN ( Hotstar Premier Night) program. The new Bollywood and regional movies are released directly on this platform under this program. Some of the popular movies released so far are Laxmi, The Big Bull, Khuda Hafiz, Lootcase, Dil Bechara, Sadak 2 and Bhoomi.

Frequently Asked Question

Is Hotstar free in USA?

No, Hotstar is not free in the USA. You need to pay to watch Hotstar in USA. There is no free trial available for new subscribers.

How much is Hotstar USA?

Hotstar in US has one package only which costs $49.99 a year. However, you can subscribe to it at a discounted price by using Hotstar US offers.

Can we use Indian Hotstar in USA?

Hotstar content is Geo-restricted. For instance, Hotstar streams IPL matches in India, the USA and Canada. But IPL matches are not available on Hotstar in the UK. Similarly, there are restrictions on TV channels, TV shows and other content. Hotstar in India offers Disney plus services with its premium subscription. Disney plus is not bundled with the Hotstar US package. In simple words, Hotstar India can not be watched in the USA. However, you can watch Hotstar India in the USA through premium VPN services. However, we don’t recommend using a VPN while accessing any streaming service.

Is Disney Hotstar available in USA?

Yes, Disney and Hotstar are available in USA. But both streaming services operate separately. It means you need to purchase two subscriptions to access Hotstar and Disney plus. Disney plus is not available with the Hotstar package in US.

Is Hotstar free with Amazon Prime?

No, Hotstar is not free with Amazon Prime. You need to purchase its subscription separately.

Can I watch Hotstar on TV?

Of course, you can watch Hotstar on TV. You can install the Hotstar app on Android TV, Apple TV, Samsung Smart TV, Amazon Firestick and Google Chromecast. Once you have installed the app, you can watch Hotstar on TV hassle-free.

How many devices can you have on Hotstar?

You can watch Hotstar on two device simultaneously with a single subscription package.


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